What Wine Should I Drink When Wearing Saucey Socks?

One of the most common questions I get asked is: what is your favorite wine to drink while wearing Saucey Socks. I get asked that question, or a version of it, so often that I thought about putting the answer in a FAQ, but ultimately decided to blog about it instead.

The answer is: it depends. :)

I am pretty fickle when it comes to wine. My tastes tend to go in spurts. At one point I drank only red wine. Then for a couple of years pretty much only white. My dear husband calls this phenomenon of going all or nothing on something a ‘Lisa Like,’ as in ‘What’s the Lisa Like on wine this month?’

For the past couple years I have been on a major New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc kick. The nice thing about these wines is their consistency across brands and price points, particularly the ones from Marlborough, New Zealand. So whether it’s a $30 Cloudy Bay https://www.cloudybay.co.nz/ or a $10 Starborough http://www.starboroughwine.com/ I just know it’s going to be crisp and just ever so slightly tart.

Dear husband, otoh, loves him a big Cab or a buttery Chard. Just about every year we join friends for a wine tour in Napa or Sonoma or Russian River Valley and he is in hog heaven. Every year he swears ‘this year, we are not joining ANY wine clubs’…and by the second winery that resolve has utterly melted. At last count we belonged to the following wine clubs:

Anderson’s Conn Valley http://www.connvalleyvineyards.com/

Keenan https://www.keenanwinery.com/

Russian Hill http://www.russianhillestate.com/

VML http://www.vmlwine.com/

Foppoli http://www.foppoliwines.com/

Each of these produces great wine, but they are all a bit pricey. But that’s why God invented Trader Joe’s and Safeway, am I right!? Because while it’s nice to have really great wine, it’s way better to have what my husband calls ‘drinking wine.’ Estancia http://estanciawines.com/ Barefoot http://www.barefootwine.com/ that sort of thing.

The bottom line is: drink what makes you happy and you will always be happy when you drink.

But you’ll be happier drinking in a pair of Saucey Socks!

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