Welcome Saucey Chic Scarves to the Saucey Socks Family!

We are excited to announce our new product line: Saucey Chic Scarves by Saucey Socks!

Many customers have given us feedback that they love the messaging on our socks, and particularly the slightly subversive notion that they can wear wine sock or beer socks to work or to social events and share the ‘secret message’ with friends. I love that aspect of Saucey Socks too!

So when a friend suggested that she wished she could find a fashionable way to wear the notion of female empowerment in any situation - from professional to casual - inspiration struck and Saucey Chic Scarves were born!

I wanted Saucey Chic Scarves to be an elegant way for women to express themselves. So these flowy fashion scarves make a statement with class and style. They’re a beautiful and feminine show of strength and inspiration that make a chic and smart fashion accessory for any season, event or occasion!

Saucey Chic Scarves have a soft silky feel and can be worn any number of ways, including draped around the neck or shoulders or, my favorite, looped to form an infinity scarf look. At approximately 27 inches wide and 70 inches long, these pack well in luggage and are perfect for travel.

I don’t know about you, but I often struggle to find the perfect gift for the strong women in my life. I hope you’ll find Saucey Chic Scarves to be the perfect way to celebrate their strength, potential, and spirit - even if that strong woman is YOU! These scarves are a wonderful one-of-a-kind gift for a friend, mother, daughter, sister or even colleague.

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