They are here! They are FINALLY here! Our all-new Saucey Socks!!!

In case I haven’t mentioned this, I really love socks. I constantly think about what I love about them and how they could be better.

When we launched Saucey Socks we worked with a sock distributor and a local printer to come up with something that I thought was fun and cool.

But almost immediately I just knew there had to be a better way. I wanted novelty socks that weren’t a novelty. Socks that are just as durable, high quality and wearable as any quality day-to-day sock. Socks that you can wear to work that say 'business' when your shoes are on but 'fun' when your feet are up relaxing!

To me that meant going to the source and starting with the end in mind.

And so our all-new line of Saucey Socks have the lettering woven into the sock itself as the socks are constructed. This took months of working with designers and manufacturers. And boy-oh-boy did we learn a lot!.

In this process we decided to expand from wine socks and beer socks to include coffee socks as well. And THEN I got to play with colors, and so now we have all three versions in both black as well as red lettering!

We hope you’ll agree that our new socks are beautiful, superior quality and super-duper comfortable.

They are, to our knowledge, the only socks of their kind on the market where the lettering is woven into the sock rather than printed on a finished sock.

We love love LOVE them and hope you do too!!!!

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