Saucey Socks and Saucey Chic Scarves

The Saucey Socks Secret:

   Most printed novelty socks are just that: regular socks with words printed on them.

•   All new Saucey Socks have the lettering woven into the sock itself during the manufacturing process.

   This means that the lettering will never peel or fade.

Saucey Socks are of such high quality and so durable that they can even be worn as every day or even dress socks.  

With Saucey Socks you can see the difference, you can feel the difference and you will never have to worry about the durability of the socks! Check out our video at the bottom of this page to see what we mean!

Saucey Socks offers FREE SHIPPING to the United States!


The Saucey Chic Scarves Secret:

   Beautiful and fashionable Saucey Chic Scarves are elegant and beautiful.

   But there is more than just beauty and fashion to these scarves!

•   These flowy fashion scarves also make a empowering statement - but with class and style. 

   They’re a beautiful and feminine show of strength and inspiration that make a chic and smart fashion accessory for any season, event or occasion!

Saucey Chic Scarves are made in the scarf capitol of the world: India. They are top a top quality accessory that make far more than just a fashion statement. Saucey Chic Scarves live at the intersection of chic and empowerment!

Most people will think you're just wearing a beautiful scarf. It's up to you to decide whether to point out the deeper message you are proclaiming!!

Saucey Chic Scarves also include FREE SHIPPING to the United States!


Learn the secret behind our new line of Saucey Socks!

Unlike most novelty socks, Saucey Socks have the lettering woven into the sock itself. Watch to see the difference!