I Love Socks. And Wine.

Socks. I love socks. Ok, that’s a lie. I am obsessed with socks.

I’m wearing socks right now. I’ll be wearing socks when I go to sleep tonight. I’ll be wearing socks when I go to work tomorrow.

I don’t wear socks in the shower, but only because no one has invented waterproof socks yet.

Plain socks, funky socks, statement socks, socks with rubber grips on the bottom, Bombas, Happy Socks, short socks, long socks…well, you get the point, I love them all. I love socks. They keep my feet warm. Which is just amazing when you think about it, because nothing is worse than cold feet.

I love socks more than anything.

Other than my husband.

Ummm….and wine. I love wine more than I love socks. If I had to choose between never wearing socks again and never drinking wine again I would have to figure out a way to keep my feet warm. Lots of wine would probably help. But I digress.

Soooo…anyway, one evening I was sitting on our recliner love seat with my feet up and I was out of wine. My husband, having finished washing the dishes (did I mention what a dear he is?), was coming over to plop down next to me. But I held my feet up blocking him from sitting and said, ‘This means please bring me more wine.’ My husband said, ‘So when I see the bottom of your socks, that means ‘please bring me more wine?’

Can you say hash tag light bulb moment!?!?!?

YES! Yes, when you see the bottom of my socks, please bring me more wine!

Saucey Socks was born.

Because that power - the power to get more wine by showing the bottom of your socks - that is a power every human should have access to. You, me, everyone.

Raise your feet! If you can read this please bring me wine!


Except my husband prefers beer. So fine: equal time for beer. Because fair is fair. And he IS a dear. 

And of course two sizes: mens and womens.

So, as we say, put your feet up and relax with a glass of wine or a beer and get your Saucey on!

Saucey Socks! The perfect spouse gift, Christmas gift,or just-because gift.  

We hope you love them as much as I love socks. No...as much as I love drinking wine. While wearing socks.


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